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Zablokowane jb_strangeland [kontynuacja jb_outerspace]


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1. Nazwa propozycji : Taka jak w tytule

2. Opis Propozycji : Kontynuacja aktualnie najciekawszej mapy na serwerze jb_outerspace.

3. Co według Ciebie Wniesie Ten Plugin? : Ta osoba robi strasznie ciekawe mapy, przyda się coś innego niż dotychczas. Do tego ta mapa ma nawet lore:


The year is 2047. After the failure of project "Outerspace Confinement" due to inmates successfully getting controls of the space station and crash landing it on Earth with help from an unknown source, all funding has been withdrawn from space prisons, and the research has been put off for the next decade or two.

Unbeknownst to the inmates, they have crash landed near the newly-reopened and infamous Alcatraz supermax prison that has been reconstructed and renamed to "Strange Land Penitentiary" in order to avoid publicity from media. Almost all of the escaped inmates were recaptured and put inside the prison, left to rot forever until their inevitable execution.

But the guards got a little bit too confident. They have decided to play more death games with the inmates. Toying with them, like a predator with its prey. However, they still were cautious. Due to the previous cyber attacks on Outerspace Confinement, they got rid of all computer technology. This included the electronic signs detailing the death games.

What guards don't know is that a nearby group of civil rights activists named "Shoreland Militia" has other plans. They have secretly filled the prison with weapons and escapes in hopes that the inmates can eliminate the guards themselves, then get out onto the abandoned offshore oil rig in order to take control of the prison.

4. Link do Mapy/Pluginu/Zabawy/Piosenki:

Dodaje mape jb_anubis, która wygląda mega dobrze

CT spawn





oraz dwie najnowsze mapki z gamebanana






Kontynuacja jb_outerspace  i jb_strangeland








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